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Toxsorb’s mission is to develop technologies that protect public health and shift the economic model from savings to growth. We remove chemical contamination from a variety of sources – ground-water, industrial-water or waste-water, enabling our customers to reuse it as valuable water for drinking, industrial and agricultural purposes. We rise to each challenge with dedication, utilizing our profound expertise to safely treat polluted water. With a proven track record of over a decade, we  convert polluted water into tangible and valuable assets – maximizing resources, minimizing eco-footprint, saving water and OPEX.

Converting Polluted
Water into Valuable Assets

ToxSorb’s acknowledged, novel and proprietary technology, Modified Activated Carbon (MAC), is a unique chemical modification of activated carbon, enabling the removal of a wide variety of inorganic pollutants, while maintaining its original adsorption capability for organic pollutants. This benefit enables MAC to outperform traditional ion exchange systems in real-life conditions, where the target pollutant is competing with other ions in the water. Our novel technology enables regeneration of the media and reduction of the brine for evacuation. Pollutant specific, high capacity, and durable; the MAC platform requires minimal maintenance, and provides energy and cost savings.
Toxsorb MAC media is NSF approved and one of few technologies around the world approved by the health authorities to treat chromium, arsenic and perchlorate polluted water sources, transforming them into fresh drinking water.

ToxSorb has already proven the successful
selective removal of the following pollutants

ToxSorb provides an end-to-end service offering, from R&D and engineering to pilot demonstration, through to construction and operation. We work hand in hand with customers, providing modular and turnkey solutions to meet their demands and ensure optimization of their core business.

with Water

A member of the solid WFI group, Israel-based ToxSorb provides proven water and wastewater treatment solutions via the proprietary MAC technology – the core of its tailored filtration systems. ToxSorb’s robust and cost-effective platform for removing heavy metals and other contaminants from wastewater and drinking water exceeds the highest international standards. The company’s devoted multidisciplinary team of scientists, researchers, and engineers utilize their innovative approach and vast experience to provide holistic and flexible wastewater treatment solutions, from R&D to turnkey implementation and management. The ToxSorb team excels in enabling its global customer base to bring their unique water goals to fruition, while simultaneously curtailing pollution and saving costs.

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